The JDI Foundation is a charitable organisation in South Africa that helps local community projects needing support.

JDI is made up of volunteer groups, formed by like-minded people who want to help those who need it. They pool their funds and, more importantly, their time, resources and skills.

These JDI groups work to contribute in a meaningful way to uplift the local community organisations around them, often supporting projects that cannot access formal funding. Instead of just handing over cash donations, JDI members are encouraged to volunteer in person, and be part of the positive change we need to see in the world.


The Cableway Charity Challenge

The Cableway Charity Challenge is a fundraising event which has been running annually for the past 11 years.  This unique trail run involves participants doing a circular route climbing up Platteklip Gorge, running across Table Mountain and taking the cableway down as many times as possible between sunrise and sunset on the event day.  Each lap is 5.5km in distance, 760 metres of climbing, and will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

The event is run by JDI Foundation volunteers and is sponsored by Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company.  Athletes raise funds through sponsorships and wherever possible expenses for the event are sponsored or minimised, with our aim being to distribute as close to 100% of all money raised to our beneficiaries.

2021 will see a different iteration of this annual event, to maintain social distancing and Covid-safety measures. Instead of being held on one day, this year the participants will have a nine-day window to complete the challenge. All other aspects of the event remain unchanged. The 2021 beneficiaries are: Ons Plek, CTEET, and Home From Home.

The Challenge will run from the 10th t0 18th April 2021. To sign up as an participant, or sponsor a registered athlete, please visit


Update Covid-19: How you can help

The poverty in our country has always been extreme, but it’s never been more truly worrisome than now, when families are broke, hungry and unable to move around freely in search of jobs. Many are homeless. We are all facing unprecedented challenges, but for the families in the local disadvantaged communities who are unable to work, earn a daily or weekly wage, or go to school (which is where many children get their only solid meal in a day), the situation is dire.

With that in mind, The JDI Foundation want to focus solely on food shortages and hunger in the marginalized communities.

Click here to view four amazing, vetted, inspiring feeding schemes, working tirelessly to help where they can, on the ground.
Any donation you can make will be gratefully received.



Being part of a simple but effective structure with no red tape, and one goal only – to make positive change in the local communities

Access to advice from JDI’s Board of Trustees who have financial and legal experience to advise with setting up NGO’s and other queries

Ability to request top-up funds from other JDI groups to meet a certain target – everyone helps everyone within JDI

Suggestions for a wide range of projects needing help – JDI acts like a catalyst to connect those who can help, to those who need help

Peace of mind that the JDI Foundation is run ethically and professionally as a transparent Trust, with no volunteer salaries, and undergoing regular audits


Being part of a simple but effective structure with no red tape, and one goal only – to make positive change in the local communities

The JDI Foundation Trust was set up in 1998 by young graduates from UCT looking for a structure outside of the university through which to continue making a difference in underprivileged areas of South Africa, with the ethos of ‘Just Doing It’.  The aim of the trust was to encourage groups of people already meeting up on a social or professional level to choose projects to which they could offer skills, funding and general support. JDI offers the full structure of a registered PBO & NPO with little to no red tape to these groups.

Many of our groups became so involved in their chosen projects, that they have branched off of the JDI structure and have themselves become registered NPOs.

At present there are over twenty JDI groups who regularly contribute their time and funding to a variety of causes.  Each group operates independently, chooses their own projects and donates their time, skills and funds in whatever way they decide best.  JDI is not prescriptive towards any of these decisions, is entirely volunteer run, and receives no compensation from groups whose funding they manage.

The unique JDI structure allows any minimal expenses incurred by the running of the foundation. Bank charges, web hosting and event marketing are covered by interest earned on unused funds. Groups do not pay towards these and keep 100% of their donated funds for their projects.



Trustees volunteer their services and receive no compensation from the Trust.

Barry O’Mahony

Barry is a Certified Financial Planner Professional, one of the founders of the JDI Foundation as well as being the founder of Veritas Wealth Management Pty, and a trustee of the CoolPlay Trust.

Caminey Kuropatwa

Caminey has a LLB Hons, BA Hons, over 14 years experience in the philanthropy sector, including 13 years as a trustee, and works with the central administration of JDI.

Gary Mulder

Gary, B.BusSci, CA, is the Financial Director for Club Travel. He was previously involved with the Leos Club (Junior Lions) and has been part of JDI for almost 20 years.

Helena Duk

Helena has been involved with the non-profit sector for over 20 years, is passionate about education and has served the JDI as well as SAEP trusts in various capacities.

Hermann Wessels

Hermann is one of the founders of JDI. He is an attorney with more than 20 years’ post qualification experience and a director of ENSafrica.

Tracy Le Roux

Tracy has been involved in the JDI Foundation for 19 years, and a trustee for 10 of those years.  Tracy holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is responsible for the financial accounting of the Foundation.